Statistical improvements for your company's website

Statistical improvements for your company's website

Statistical programs include a lot of data displayed in various forms such as graphs, tables and lists. When analyzing statistics, it is important to know what you are looking for. You also need to wait until you have enough visitors in order to make conclusions about your website.

Using statistics to improve Search Engines optimization - SEO

Optimization for search engines means, changing the site content to attract users from various search engines. Here is what you should look inside a website statistics that can help you improve your rank:

  • From which search engines were visitors referred (referrers).
  • From which search engines visitors are missing referred (referrers) - check why.
  • Main keywords used by surfers to reach your website (search terms or keywords).
  • What did visitors do on your site according to the set of keywords they used (a combination of navigation path and search terms) - It is possible to have many visitors arrived by mistake and left immediately because the site wasn't what they were looking for.
  • Important missing keywords - you need to work on the promotion of them.

    Using statistics to improve design and web content

    Here is what you should search inside your statistics when you want to decide what content to improve:

  • Entry pages - what are the pages used to enter your site? Do visitors continue to surf the site from these pages? For example, a link to a good article might bring a lot of users but they leave immediately after reading it. You can add text to the article which will make visitors want to continue to search your site for more information.
  • Exit pages - from which pages do visitors, leave your site? Check carefully to see if there is something on these pages that causes visitors to leave. Try to fix the problem and then see if there is an improvement.
  • Online time - how long do visitors stay on your site and at each page?

    Using statistics to optimize the order process

    Note that order or purchase is the same here as customer that contact you via email.

    Here are the points you should analyze:

  • Conversion rate - the most important of all measurement. Do people buy (or make what you want them to)? To improve conversion you need to work step by step and check improvements. Try also to segment the conversion by referring website, referring keywords and entry pages.
  • Order process segmentation - how many people proceed from shopping cart to order form?

    Increasing amount of good visitors to your website

    Be sure to analyze the site statistics from the point of view of the site's target. A good visitor is someone interested in what you have to offer. Here are few steps we should do to increase the number of good visitors to our website:

    1. Optimizing for search engines
    2. Advertising campaigns in different sites
    3. Advertising campaigns through email
    4. Promoting the site in forums
    5. Attaining links from relevant sites

    You should check to see which means are best for increasing the number of good users. To find this out, you need the following statistical information:

  • From where did the good visitors come (a combination of referrers, online time and conversion rate)?
  • Returning users - check to see which visitors return again and again. How did they reach you the first time? Is there a way to find more visitors like these?

    Google Analytics

    Google analytics software is a web based software offered for free (although not all website get it). The software is based on the modules of one of the best statistic company which was bought by Google.

    The best thing on Google analytic is that it is purely goal driven. You are to set goals (like a purchase, contact or newsletter registration) and the software will track to find which percent has achieved your goals. You can also integrate Google Adwards and check which words bring the best conversions to you.

    Google Analytic home


    Website statistics software's are very important to your success. Make a clever use of them and they will help you on the path to great working website.

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