What to expect to pay for design services

What to expect to pay for design services

The standard hourly rate for graphic design work is anywhere from $120 to $180 per hour depending on the service and the studio. As a general rule of thumb freelance (solo) designers will charge at the lower end of the scale because they have low overheads. SME studios will charge medium rates, and larger studios charge out rates will be the highest.

Most services are charged per hour but some are charged per page or per item. For example we charge by the page for typesetting work and per hour for author corrections. Illustration and Photoshop work is from $180 per hour due to the skill and time required. There are fees to create final art files because there are many things that need to be checked thoroughly before we send it to print.

It's a good idea to consider your budget before you engage a designer. Keep in mind that a freelance designer will charge less but you only have access to that one designer and their particular design style. If budget allows you will have much more creative scope from a studio employing several designers. We tend to all work on the initial conceptual designs so that the client receives different styles to choose from.

Obviously the bigger the budget the more creative freedom for the designers and the better the end result, but having said that a set realistic budget will give a very good result in any case.

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